Call to the anarchist and libertarian movement for a visible, autonomous presence, whose reasons for opposition to the globalization process might be expressed in an understandable way.

Public demonstration in Genoa for June 9 h. 3 p.m

The G8 will meet on July 20 to 22, in Genoa, Italy. This meeting of the top-powerful is a spectacular survey of the tendencies towards a never before seen concentration of world’s economic and political powers. The so-called globalization processes go on dividing the world in rich and poor, starving the population of entire continents; pushing to margins, inside single nations, growing layers of population; rendering precarious all forms of job; eliminating any form of social guarantee where it existed. All this in the name of profit and capitalist accumulation, without norms or bounds. Meanwhile social control is multiplied, both inside single states or internationally - repressive apparatuses, police and military, grow stronger. We must oppose all this.
We used to be and are bearers of an anti-state, non reformist, internationalist point of view, a proposition to reconstruct unity and the fighting capacity of the exploited and working-classes. In this occasion once more we affirm:
The impossibility to democratize national or transnational political and economic organisms that as a goal hold intensification of exploitation of work and resources;
Incompatibility - in these as in other cases - between the interests of the exploiters and those of the exploited;
Invariance in the functions of the state - while it apparently renounces to the control of economy, keeps and even strengthens social, police and military control;
Knowledge that “Rights” exist on paper only and are worth nothing if not supported by a favorable balance of strength.
Therefore the need to fight:
 For liberty to circulate in a world without barriers;
Against militarism, war and prisons;
For a generalized reduction of working time;
For the defense of acquired social guaranties - avoiding to re-propose the welfare model that ended in state-bound workers movement - with the aim of reaching a quality of life with dignity for everyone.
With this outlook we propose a path of opposition to the G8, in which the libertarian movement can express the consistency and strength of its statements.
Consequently, we propose:
a nation-wide public demonstration in Genoa for June 9, Saturday, to ensure visibility
and the possibility to express our contents;
coordinated actions of mobilization in all localities where possible, for July 14, Sat.
We support a call for a general strike of grass-roots syndicalism on July 20, Friday;
Organize a significant libertarian presence during the days of the summit, being reference point to comrades coming from elsewhere in Italy or abroad. We intend to boycott the summit claiming in the streets our right to freely demonstrate in all needed forms of social fight and direct action, to give visibility and consistence to the radical libertarian option;
Verify the feasibility of an International Conference on the themes of globalization during the days immediately following the G8.

All expressions of social antagonism who recognize themselves in the spirit of this call are invited to participate concretely to the construction of this path.

We will meet next in Genova, sunday 1 july 10 a.m., Biblioteca Ferrer, piazza Embriaci

Info: tel.010255797 oppure 03386594361, E-mail oppure

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