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[06.02.2009] JAH LOVE in concerto (Reggae)
Venerdi 6 Febbraio 2009

JAH LOVE in concerto

a seguire dj set con HURLY BURLY

JAH LOVE is a band composed of 7 musicians:
voice, keyboards and choirs, bass, drums, guitar and choirs, trumpet, sax.

The band is born in 2001, in the same year Jah Love recorded the first demo-cd,
Kingston, in which are included five songs. One of this song, C´è (vibra positiva), was
included in the italian reggae compilation entitled Italian Reggae Summer, produced by
Gramigna Production.
In the following year, 2003, Jah Love recorded Soltanto una cosa, the second cd-demo,
which immediately obtained a good feedback. .
2006 was a lucky year for Jah Love. In this year the band, after a on-line selection,
played in the show case area of one of the most important european reggae festival:
Rototom Sunsplash (Osoppo-Udine, Italy). At last, in April 2007, the new album was
released. CREATION, this the title, obtained a very positive feedback, both from public
and from media, and good reviews. A lot of italian and foreign (german Soundcontrol;
french Radio Mille Pates; swiss Reggae Radio Zurich; argentinean Pelegatos; and so on)
radio networks promoted new cd, often also with interviews.
The Creation´s release was followed by a promotional tour, which included many
important reggae festivals, included ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH.

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