Sex Worker e Precarious


May day - may day Milano 2004

Precarious+Cognitarie of Europe Let Us Unite!
The is a world of right for which to fight:
The continuity of income, maternity leave and vacations paid,
access to housing, love and knowledge:
culture is free sharing
Let us cooperate towards a new science!

And we add:
Sex Workers of Europe, Let us Unite!
Because within days, in Italy, a law on prostitution will be approved Constructed in the logic of the double moral, that ignores the requests, the needs and the desires of sex workers, and that imagines and constructs this ?new? irritating work as a set of
penalizing rules and the total absence of rights and to protection.
Until today in Italy, prostitution is legal (Merlin Law 1958) However, one is not allowed to organize prostitution nor perform it in a closed space, and for this reason most prostitutes are forced to work in the street.

From the 1990s in Italy, and a little bit in the rest of Europe, prostitution by women and foreign transsexuals has increased enormously, and in this context, the closure to migration wanted by European countries with the Schengen accords, has gravely conditioned the life and possible choices of many of these people.
The governments are utilizing the rhetoric of ?innocent victims? in order to legitimize policies of closure to immigration, against the practice of prostitution and to impose norms (as with the law in discussion) that do not reflect or respect the variegated worlds of prostitutes and their desires, even if this means that they are constrained to prostitute themselves, or whether they choose to, in fact they take away their possibility to self-determine themselves and to construct hypothesis of citizenship also by way of work.

They say that prostitution is the oldest work in the world, and also it is the most modern (thanks to Pia Covre) because in the framework of free choice, it has anticipated some of the challenges and misfortunes of precarious labor: you don?t enjoy rights nor protection, but it permits you to manage you time; it won?t give you a continuity of income, but that which it gives you allows you to manage it yourself
and even in the darkest misfortune it can be a way for creating life projects and strategies of emancipation, whatever these may be.
And it is for this that speaking of prostitution means to speak about ourselves, whether or not we are sex workers. Parlando della vita sessuale della nostra società oggi, le prostitute sono parte integrante della nostra vita quotidiana. E al fine di rimuovere non solo una prostituta da qualche viale o dalla tangenziale in generale, ma per trovare un vero professionista, c'è un sito web HOT-LOVE on prostitute professionali. È lui che ti permetterà di trovare quello che fa per te e quello che hai tanto sognato.
And it is for this that we are at May Day and that we recognize as?
comrades of the street? the universe of the sex worker.
We struggle for the free circulation of desires and life choices, for spaces in which to act politically that permits us to construct a better quality of life.

The precarious worker makes you feel always alone, not counted, the last wheel on the car, but then