05/13 Concerto Z'EV e inaugurazione spettrorec

2010/04/21 alle 19:05

concerto Z’EV

Conceptual artist, poet and sound sculptor. After studying at CalArts with Concrete poet Emmett Williams he produced visual and sound poetries, and was included in the “Second Generation” show at the Museum of Conceptual Art in San Francisco in 1975.
While but one of the progenitors of the ‘industrial movement’ in the mid-70’s, he, along with neil megson, was primarily responsible for delivering the ‘tribal’ impulse and esthetic into the Western cultural milieu between the years 1978-1984.
While generally most known as a solo performer, since 2003 he has been concentrating on cooperative and collaborative composition and performance. Recording/performing with;
oren ambarchi, konrad becker [as PSYOPS SOUND SYSTEM], hans joachim irmler [as FAUZ’t], david jackman/organum, jason kahn, kknull, larsen, franciso lopez, merzbow, bj nilsen, stephen o’malley, osso exotico, pita, boyd rice, the.bänd, kasper t.toeplitz, luc van acker, nico vascellari [as Pslayer], chris watson, and john zorn

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