Zero! BBS 24h/d free communication

modem +39-11-6507540 (Turin - Italy)

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ZERO! BBS was born from a genetic mutation of ECN Torino, historic node of the antagonist network ECN (European Counter Network), founded back in 1989 by the memorable nuclei cyberaut 011 it has always been in the forefront of spreading troublesome or censured information. Since the beginning of 1993 the BBS has also been part of the CyberNet computer network (you can find more information about it browsing through the web pages of edizioni ShaKe), fostering the process of morphing the two networks into one single free space in the italian computer network scene.

Issues you can find online include: this is a pulsing brain!

The modem of ZERO! is reachable (28800bps, 8N1) at number +39-11-6507540 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone numbers of other similar BBS scattered throughout Italy can be checked on the cybernet nodelist and the ecn nodelist

Go to the Isole nella rete project.

November 1997 - ZERO! BBS is run by luc pac & Marta McKenzie
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